Saturday, 11 February 2017

Back ... with plot twist!


My stellar progress through my degree (on for a first class honours) has been seriously derailed this year, thanks to the ineptitude of both the module structure and my ability to interpret such tortuous spaghetti. 

I am looking into the expensive option of taking an extra year and switching to the other compulsory module option, E302 (Language and Creativity). It should suit me better than this current academic crap. Determined not to bitch about it (although it is a bloody shambles and a very square peg in the English pathway) and move forward, so will keep you peeled on what happens.

It will not stop my overall desire to carry my English learning forward and into a professional environment, where I can use my skills to help others. Nothing comes easy and everything happens for a reason, so I am not too concerned. Frustrated, annoyed, dismayed but not down, or certainly out. Bigger fish and all that.

One only has to look at the daily news to see that such matters are trivial.

Onwards. :)


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