Monday, 4 July 2016

Postgraduate study beckons!

As I was saying ...

Year 5 (Global English, i.e. predominantly cross-cultural communication and sociolinguistics) over and awaiting EMA result in next 2 weeks.

Really enjoyed the subject; however, I was not as stellar last year as before but hopefully enough for a Pass 2 and that keeps me on course for a 2:1.

What next? Mulling various postgrad study and have been to look around Newcastle Uni, a leading centre for linguistics research; however, poetry is still the spanner in my works. Do I go uber-academic and attack a Linguistics-based MA, or go uber-creative and take the Creative Writing MA and specialise in Poetry? Choices, choices and I have given myself until Christmas to decide on my future; Feb is Postgrad Open Day and registration will follow that. I will need to have decided my path by then, as my graduation ceremony is in June 2017, so it will be busy!

Watch this space!