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Monday, 30 December 2013


As some of you may know, my TMA 05 from last year, a sestina (fixed form poem), entitled 'Tuesday's Child' was accepted in submission for the second prose/poetry anthology from Ink Pantry Publishing. I am pleased to say that the sequel, 'Fields of Words', is now available from Ink Pantry (link attached, although can not guarantee availability - think limited edition!).

The book is a lovely collection of work from OU Creative Writing students, both current and alumni, so well worth a look!

Whilst this is very nice, my main concern is always the next assignment. My last blog post, 'Babyccino' scored a highly-prized Distinction, yet dramatically adapting it (in this case for radio), has been problematic, not least as procrastination has been much in evidence, both before and after the festive period. This is a concern, not least with shorter deadlines approaching in the latter half of this academic year, yet this seems to be my natural style of working. I am learning about myself on this degree too.

Whilst poetry has come in and stomped its boots all around my thinking this year, I am also very eager to branch out into other areas of writing; but before any grandiose ideas of novels hove into view, I need to understand the mechanics of storytelling. Paradoxically, learning the elusive skill of 'showing not telling' would be helpful. Unusually for an English undergraduate, I simply do NOT read books! Or watch films, for that matter. Yes, heinous crimes, I know but I simply struggle badly to muster enough interest to complete a book or movie. Oh, and my grasping of plotlines is awful. I find it much easier to write them than deduce other writers' efforts!

So, one of my three New Year's resolutions will hopefully rectify this a little. Nothing major, baby steps and all that.

Peace, love and positivity to all for 2014,