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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Weekend: Chapter 1

"Alicia, fancy going away next weekend? We haven't had a break since Archie was born" Rob asked.

I felt the hairs on my arms stand up and trying to avoid any consternation on my face, smiled weakly back,

"Yes, sure", I replied, although he wasn't looking, his head buried in the travel brochure.

"I thought we could stay at Jack and Debs' place, be nice to catch up, what do you think?" he continued, not looking up.

Think, think? I'd done little else for nearly a year, trying to forget, attempting to bleach my mind of what had happened that Saturday night. What had started so happily, what had gone so terribly wrong at that party. The safe laughter, the music so close, him knowing that I wouldn't be heard, silent screams in the darkness...and then those whispered, hoarse, dark words on my face as he committed such evil. A secret that must remain so..

The following weekend, as the journey south glided by, I stared blankly at the passing landscape, before being jolted from my daze as the car pulled onto Jack and Debs' drive.

"You ok?" asked Rob.

I couldn't tell him, not here and not now. My heart racing, I got out and took baby Archie from his car seat, glancing up as Rob made his way round to help. He seemed in a hurry, yes, he couldn't get to her quick enough. My simmering anger merged with my fear and hatred, the tears starting to stream down my face as I heard myself blurt,

" Rob, there's something I need to tell you".

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hey ho, let's talk Cleo

Battling through reading Cleopatra, sifting it to try and understand just what was historically real, what was propaganda and how this relates to the actual perceptions of her and how these manifest themselves, via miscellaneous visual representations of her through the ages.   Feeling ok so far, happy enough with my progress, although part of me is already wanting the higher urgency of tougher study, I love the pressure of the deadline...although I know many don't!

The tutorial went ok, spent most of the time trying to gauge my tutor, to get a handle on what she felt was personally important in written work and was reasonably impressed, she seems tough but fair, which I like.  So, we'll see how things go....

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Eyes down

Limbering up for tonight's first tutorial...

Looking forward to meeting some like-minded people for an interesting evening, then it's off to work for me. Night shifts, super-big boo!!

Currently just starting Cleopatra, although been a little delayed due to a certain young man....let me introduce the apple of my eye, my darling, ice-cream covered boy Harrison xx  

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Up and at 'em!

So.....if you're reading this, a big hello and welcome along!

BA (Hons) English Language and Literature is what I've decided to have a crack at, a long-held wish to prove to myself that I have the English ability that I think I do, plus I love English language.  Time to face the grammatical music, it's a nervy time, although I know I can do this!

I hope to use my degree to teach here and abroad at some point, that's the plan, although over 6 years this may well change!

The weekend has been memorable for not only my degree starting but also that we have had lots of snow, probably around 6-7 inches, here in Essex. It has been a perfect opportunity to have loads of fun with my utterly adorable 2-year old son, many photos will appear in time, so be warned, he's a right little cutie!

The prep work for the degree has been enjoyable, kicking off with a Renaissance play, something that I have all but finished and now looking forward to moving onto Cleopatra! A diverse subject range should help us all find our feet quickly and get a taste of OU study and what's involved. The highlight so far has been meeting and chatting with our large group on Facebook, such a lovely mix of kind-hearted, funny and intelligent people, I know where I'm heading if stuck!

I don't ALWAYS rabbit so much, so normal posts will be shorter but let's wait and see...